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Flying Saucers



Flying Saucers series "Haunebu " built by the Nazis at the end of World War II.Extraordinary achievements of German engineers in this field on a background of technical problems less tech aircraft can be explained by the direct participation of aliens in the project.


As you know, Hitler possessed in the prewar period enjoyed the patronage of the so-called "Great Unknown." Under this name appeared one of the nations overseeing the planet of aliens.Crop Circles 1, Crop Circles 2.   


In the first half of the forties under the impression of Hitler's success began to take the decision himself, without coordinating them with the curators, which led to the collapse of the experiment.


By the end of the war aliens through mediums SS transferred the technology of construction UFOs departed from the Fuhrer, the faithful followers of their ideas in order to save the future gene pool accumulated by the Nazis' master race. "

Devices under the ticker "Haunebu " built near Prague.


At least once they have participated in actual combat - the squadron of Admiral Byrd in 1947 off the coast of Antarctica.


These cars are flying so far as evidenced by the eyewitness.

Seventh-May 1989 the unit of this type crashed in the Kalahari Desert (South Africa)


nationality: "New Swabia" (in Antarctica)



tactical and technical characteristics  " Haunebu I "



diameter of 25 m.

Thule-engine tahionator 7b

control of magnetic-pulse

4800 - 17000 km / h

flight time 18 hours


armament 2 * 80 mm

                                                                    4 * mk108


8 person crew

ascent to orbit 8 minutes.



tactical and technical characteristics  " Haunebu II "



gross weight 50000 kg

diameter of 18.0 m (26.3 m)

Motor diameter (23 m)

height 8.7 m

Thule-engine tahionator 7b

control of magnetic-pulse

speed 6,000 - 21.000 km / h

flight time 55 hours


armament 6 * 80 mm (bottom)

                                                                       1 * 110 mm (top).


Crew 9 - 20 persons.

ascent to orbit 19 minutes.



tactical and technical characteristics  " Haunebu III "



diameter of 71 m

Engine: Thule-tahionator 7b and Schumann-Levitator

administration: magnetic pulse

speed: 7.000 - 40.000 km / h

time-to-orbit 25 minutes.


armament guns 4 * 110 mm (three towers at the bottom, one top)

                                                                 10 * 80 mm

                                                                   6 * 30 mm.


32 people crew,

capacity up to 70 people



at the end of the war produced a machine of this type, made 19 test flights.






The plan for 1943 was to create a "mother" ship, with hangars for other "flying discs".The project was named the ship "ANDROMEDA", the ship had about 139 meters in diameter, with a hangar for one device type Haunebu II, two VRIL-1 and two VRIL-2.


length of 139 m.

diameter of 30 m

Engines 4 * Thule tahionatora-11, 4 * Schumann-Levitator 16

control the pulse-magnetic, type 6b

rate of 300 000 km / sec

range is theoretically unlimited


armament 2 * 2 * 110 mm

                                                          1 * 110 mm

                                                          2 * 2 * 70 mm

                                                          4 * M100


crew 130 persons.




A pparaty apparently have "internal gravity", which allows the crew to feel comfortable at any position of the body, until overturned.


There is evidence of the existence of a disk with an installed tower of the Japanese battleship "Yamato", the three barrel with a caliber of 457 mm.      battleship "Yamato"

For the record: the return of 30 mm gun reaches 6,000 lbs.            


Unmarked - no, the distinctive (?) Stamped in the housing.

three balls from the bottom act as propellers.


housing material, polished, silver-colored, round 12 unevenly distributed oval windows.


Widest range of flight data allows the machine to avoid this type of "close contact" with the Air Force of other states.


The presented arrangement with a screw inside the fuselage is likely wrong, as unlikely to provide any advantage compared with a helicopter.Propeller in such circumstances can not be effective.



ETs and UFOs

10-year-old schoolboy glory Krasheninnikov had a remarkable gift to predict events and to treat patients - even after his death, hungry for the healing approach him in prayer, like the Holy One.

"... Slavik said that the so-called aliens, that is, the demons are in the air and when will often break into planes and helicopters, it is not what they're old or something in them broken, and it will be occur as long as people do not realize that they do not want to occupy the airspace, as human missions prevented a UFO, that is, the demons, to perform their actions in the air, because those are preparing for war with God and trying to fool people's heads, while in contact with the powerful people of this world.

Slavik said that aliens live people steal and use them as slaves, they have many places to work in slavery "missing" people.For example, on Earth there are people called the Mariana Trench, at the bottom of this basin is a thick layer of silt and other water deposits, and under them there is another floor, where Atlantis and failed.The city is in good condition and protected it a UFO, that is possessed, that the people of this place was not found.As slaves in UFOs real people, they steal, but they do not show that they should not have gone mad, because the sight of these "aliens" is horrible.

If Atlantis has been studied in human beings, people's ideas about the universe would be very much changed.People would then understand who their true enemies, and began to battle with them.And "they" do not need it."They" are afraid of much of Jesus Christ and because of the fear are limited in their activities, or persons, as such, no longer would be left on Earth."They" must be important - that the person died without repentance to God, without faith it is true, effortlessly relate to life and death.And after death became their property, although some are already used during the life of demons as evil perpetrators, these people are "toys" in the hands of demons.

People could find another facility that they would open their eyes to their enemies, but it was too closely guarded by the same forces.This type of structure of the human mind - the computer, but far superior, it is in the mountains, the rock, in excellent condition and disguised as a rock.

Another Slavik said that UFO polumaterialnye used as fuel diamonds (diamonds), which provide for the demons UFO "powers that be" that is "dedicated" of world government.More than a diamond, the better for "them", so the big stories of abduction of famous diamonds are always connected with the murder of large numbers of people not because of the cost of these diamonds, and because they have to be kept by certain people.

After a while, people learn to do the same ships as a UFO, but on a different fuel.People believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior, and in each air unit will be inextinguishable lamp and an icon of the Lord.It will be a small period when the Lord will allow a person to fight with the demons under the supervision of the heavens.

Slavik said that when the aliens take the skin of a person alleged to analysis, then later, in fact, a small piece of skin grow a layer of human skin, which adhesive qualities themselves.They are preparing to descend to us under the guise of a large number of aliens, persecuted "evil cosmic forces", but actually God, but their present form will be greatly obstructed, and act in the real world they will be under the guise of real people, and sometimes terrible will happen "substitution "- instead of people will be stolen" this "is completely externally indistinguishable from a real person, and people will be stolen or destroyed or sent into slavery.

In landing in a UFO over the earth devils invite people to the medical examination and treatment.People en masse will go for health to them, and come out "healthy zombie."This is just one kind of fooling people, there will be other methods of making a zombie, depending on the spiritual level of man.

Another Slavochka said that scientists do not believe all of "their" miracles, and this will cause them to make such a device which will allow scientists to distinguish among people of so-called aliens, that is embodied demons who are very, very scary.In this device, all fake, "a man" of the demons will be seen as X-rays, their whole inner being.Those will be many scientists simply terrified.

That's what my mother once told Slavik: "There will be a scientist, which to me, Mom, it believes, and he and his fellow scientists invent a device for determining the demons disguised as humans.

One day they will be lying in wait to test the device in action.Hide themselves in some particular place.It will be dull, dark night, and suddenly these people appear silently, not people.Scientists set up and prepared himself for the terrible sight of those bad people, but when they see them in the device - it's something similar in action to the binoculars, that is, it will be visible in the distance, in horror almost cry, they panic.Still, scientists stand - do not cry, do not run away - so stay alive, and will observe them.

So the world will see the information, confirmed by scientists of how and what happens to the substitution of people.It will be done a lot of these devices, and they will be very useful for people who use them are very diverse.

Slavochka not just tell, he seems to present a future reality, so amazingly alive, and the reliability of his stories about future events. "


Excerpts from the book.

Nervous requested to refrain from reading.




As far as we can judge, after the Second World War, the "extraterrestrial" patronage fell to the financial elite of the United States, for which Russian Vedic tradition there is a term - "koschei."The essence of their sales people in exchange for political or technological assistance.A recent similar operations can be called the events of 9 / 11 and the death of South Korean Boeing.

In the first case actually proven that replacing aircraft attacked the Pentagon and crashed near Pittsburgh.A second Russian divers took part in the rise of a Boeing 747 was shot down near Sakhalin, clearly stated that there is no human remains at the crash site.Increased appetite, "curators" that require new offerings and the slaves, a situation reminiscent of the end of the Third Reich, when Hitler ordered the anticipation of the collapse of the Berlin underground to flood where it is the time residents were fleeing the bombing.


Today koschei no longer hidden, something on their activities:



Chapters from the book by Joseph Farrell
"The Black Sun of the Third Reich"

Do not combine technical terminology describing something both very committed and at the same time very ordinary

Perhaps the best proof that the document should be regarded as both true and at the same time containing fictitious or distorted the facts, a description of technical characteristics.For example, after mentioning the strange cases of UFO sightings in Sweden and Germany and then in Scandinavia and the authors of the document goes on to describe the extraordinary capabilities of the aircraft found:

Of the 1,200 cases of observation, collected in 1942, approximately two hundred alleged that an unknown aircraft operated at a speed of more than 1,200 miles per hour, sometimes rising to a height?miles above the earth, and even higher.Comparison was carried out with the message the official representative of the Swedish armed forces of the expected rate of ??????????????????????????in seconds?Military Intelligence Officer ?????Continuous monitoring of the protected airspace over the Swedish secret military base has not yet yielded any direct ???????????credible evidence, based on which one would assume that ?????are ????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????.

Although the rate of 1200 miles per hour was really something incredible to any aircraft at that time (and even now it is considered very high), hence the fact that she was honored to be mentioned in this document, and although the technical characteristics that allowed this aircraft to reach the height of an unknown number of miles have been something in the same incredible, if not more, important to note that such speed is definitely no way correspond to those indicators that can be expected from the creation of some extraterrestrial civilization capable of interstellar commit or even interplanetary limited by our own solar system, travel.
In short, the described specifications are not sufficiently advanced to be of extraterrestrial origin.
Note that if the speed of the aircraft was in the area which some twelve hundred miles per hour, as it follows from this document, its use for space studies, it is simply absurd, especially if we start from the assumption that it comes from outside the solar system, which arises out of "ET" explanation rozuellskogo event.Even if we assume that the aircraft was able to reach a maximum speed of ten thousand miles per hour, in this case, the journey to Mars, our closest neighbor planet, located away from Earth at a distance of approximately 36 million miles and takes about one hundred and fifty days.And at a speed of only 1,200 miles per hour on it to fly to Mars, will require about 1250 days, that is almost three and a half years, all these calculations do not include any mutual arrangement of the planets at a particular point in their orbital period around the Sun or curvature of the trajectory along which the spacecraft will fly from one planet to another!However, as will be shown, these characteristics are consistent with those that would have to have a German aircraft, created using the most advanced technologies developed in the "think tank" Kammler.
And if now, after this brief history to turn to the first part of the fog in the data sheet is not reduced, and even more thickens.The first part of this detailed technical study entitled "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "(tentative)."It is necessary to provide detailed excerpt from the document:


Socorro, New Mexico.A detailed study of unidentified flying machine heavier than air, having a lenticular form, designated NLAT-1, showed that he is the aircraft of unknown origin that has no air-breathing engine.The complete absence of conventional wing, fuselage, cockpit, controls and fuel systems strongly indicates that it is not Russian.Specialists working on the program "Paperclip", gave a similar conclusion.Aerodynamic characteristics exhibited by NLAT-1, reflect a very high level of engineering and technology, which is absent in this country.Analysis of repetitive linear dimensions could not answer the question of how this aircraft can not maintain the load factor and the lift needed for flight.The power plant does not resemble any of those currently in use.Since this vehicle has no visible air intake and outlet nozzles, the experts of the Center of Military Intelligence and the Office of Naval Research agree that it is intended for use outside the Earth's atmosphere.This unexpected conclusion reached by the members of the Commission of Inquiry to date are preliminary.Some members expressed the view that NLAT-1 may be the product of some advanced civilization from another planet, far older than ours, who used her scientific knowledge and intelligence for interplanetary space flight.Are not sure whether the surveillance was carried out by those who were in the aircraft, only out of curiosity, or whether they had any other reason.For now, ever since the unknown made aware of their presence, any hostile action on their part was noted.Considering the fact that we produce atomic bomb test, we investigate the upper atmosphere using rockets and ?????????????????????????????? ? eat in New Mexico, perhaps it is boosting the growth of all the events that led to the incident and the subsequent actions of the military.
On the assumption that the fallen object was a Russian intelligence station long-range, which collected data aerial photography, military intelligence officers were ordered as soon as possible to take full control of the aircraft itself and its wreckage of those who it was.Quarantine measures were dictated by concern for the civilian population, which could be exposed to certain types of biological and chemical weapons.Was also evaluated by the threat of radioactive contamination and taken appropriate precautionary measures.
In the interest of national security witnesses from among the civilians were detained and interrogated, the results of which satisfied the investigating authorities.There have also been taken to prevent the spread of rumors that could prevent potential enemy spies who are in the area.
It was found a few bodies.Since working on the site of the medical staff did not have accurate data on the psychological and biological structure of those who were in the aircraft were used special methods of preparation and preservation of biological objects.Results to date details of the autopsy suggest that crew members have the features commonly associated with natives of the East (the last two words crossed out. - DF).Outwardly, they look like men, but with one exception: the autopsy report indicated the presence of rarely occurring ??????????????????????????????? ????, which confirms the assumption about the alien origin of these suschestv1.

In this excerpt, there are two different factors that are individually compelling evidence that we are talking about a very committed, but nevertheless a purely terrestrial phenomenon, or, conversely, the same strongly suggests that we are talking about a very committed extraterrestrial phenomenon, but together they form a very ambiguous and mysterious picture.It is the fact that they appear in the same context, without any visible attempt to analyze and resolve the ambiguity, and requires the understanding and explanation.
First and foremost it should be noted that at this stage "preliminary investigation" origin of the aircraft is using the phraseology of the document, the "unknown."However, just below the paper slips in a reference to the fact that the investigation team was unable to agree: "Some members expressed the view that NLAT-1 may be the product of some advanced civilization from another planet ..." In other words, the origin of the aircraft remained unclear complete.All this indirectly confirms what we already encountered in the analysis of technology applied to aircraft, and its technical characteristics, for apparently these technologies and features by themselves are not sufficiently advanced to only on the basis of their claim of an extraterrestrial the origin of the unit.For evidence of extraterrestrial origin is not technology, and biology.Consequently, it is a clash of these two factors behind the differences between members of the research group on the question of the origin of the aircraft, which indirectly follows from the text of the document.
There is another bomb technological nature, which must be carefully weighed in light of what has been said already about the legend of Nazi origin of UFOs with the participation of "think tank" Kammler: "Complete absence of the usual wings, fuselage, cockpit, controls and fuel systems strongly indicates that it is not Russian.Specialists working on the program "Paperclip", gave a similar conclusion .

The inevitable next question would be asked for advice to the existing U.S. military to hand the former Nazi rocketeer is now operating on them, if there were at least a tiny chance that they fell into the hands of something extraterrestrial, and consequently, extremely advanced and perfect in technical terms?In my opinion, this is possible but highly unlikely.On a more plausible explanation suggests none other than Colonel Corso his statement, which is taken as the epigraph to this chapter: an aircraft on a recognition of the Corso, looks like a flying wing Horten brothers, was demonstrated by the German specialists who are displaced to the United States During "Operation Paperclip", because the vehicle itself and its specifications are allowed to assume about his connection with such technically excellent unconventional aircraft heavier than air, development of which took place in Nazi Germany.
In this context, perhaps, a very meaningful and important is the following sentence, because his language is chosen very carefully and cautiously, " Aerodynamic characteristics exhibited by NLAT-1, reflect a very high level of engineering and technology, which is absent in this country "

2.If we were talking about the alleged extraterrestrial origin of this phrase should be: "Aerodynamic features exhibited by NLAT-1, reflect a very high level of engineering achievement that is not on this planet."So which country has in mind here and in what context?Directly to the previous discussions mentioned only three of the state.So we are talking about Russia?About Germany?Or of the United States?Again, the language of the document is vague and ambiguous, although the most obvious explanation lies in the fact that we are talking about the United States, because otherwise why invite opinions of German experts working on the program "Paperclip"?
This site is a strange change, since the transition to a discussion of discovery of the bodies float to the surface "of extraterrestrial myth" as an attempt to explain the appearance of a believable UFO over military objectives: to document slip assumption that this activity started in response to the creation of humankind and test an atomic bomb.In fact, to this same assumption, many years later, and quite independently, came a keen UFO, as Friedman.
Mention of the bodies found the transition is complete and is followed by details and descriptions that are completely at variance with a list of specifications, supporting the hypothesis of the origin of the earth: "It has been found some bodies ...Outwardly, they look like men, but with one exception ...indicated the presence of rarely encountered ... " and followed by a significant chunk erased.Rare that?Presumably, a certain physiological feature, rarely found in humans, but appears to be available in all the detected bodies.Perhaps it is a rare blood type or blood disease?On the membranes between the fingers and toes?Additional or missing fingers?It is not known.But it is very important and meaningful is the mere fact that a significant chunk of the text was smeared, and then immediately follows the conclusion that it was "rare thing" confirms "the assumption that the origin of these alien creatures."Please note that the text of the document the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of the aircraft confirms no technology, and biology.But for us, if not for the author and compiler of this document, this conclusion is highly controversial.Consequently, the two hypotheses presented in the paper, doctored before being widely publicized, the weaker is the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin.
The second part of the document entitled "Technical Assessment (provisional)".It is necessary to bring it fully, again including the erased pieces to fully submit to the contradictory nature of these two very different sets of data.


1.After careful study of the external surfaces of the fuselage of the aircraft industry experts have concluded that the skin is made of some ferrous alloy white.The metal is showing all the characteristics of stainless steel.It was found that the steel subjected to cold forming and subsequent heat treatment.It is estimated that the tensile strength in excess of 150 000 pounds per square inch.Shear test gives a measure of strength given metal around 175 000 pounds per square inch, which makes fuselage is extremely durable and resistant to thermal stresses.
2.Modeling static and dynamic aerodynamics gave impressive results.A small cross-section within six to one aircraft provides a significant advantage in overcoming the restrictive effect of the boundary layer at high speeds.
3.Shelves spars have unusual kinematic structure, presumably in order to ensure the removal of the load elongation at supersonic speeds.No external signs of the presence of rigidity of plates could not be found.Completely lacks any fasteners, welds, rivets or mounting hardware, which bars the, part of the fuselage together.
4.The absence of wings, ailerons, stabilizers, and any external controls suggests that the fuselage is the body carries.
5.There are no air intakes and exhaust nozzles.
6.There are no cables.
7.There are no externally recognizable electronic equipment (wiring, ignition system, lights, compartments, engine, electric motors, radio, solenoids, generators, heaters, appliances, etc.).
8.The propulsion system (heavily damaged) ????????????????Neutron engine.?????????????????detected.
The primary fuel, apparently, are heavy water and deuterium (light hydrogen).Apparently, the force is transferred through a series of coils and powerful permanent magnets attached to the engine through neutron oddly placed electrodes (made of metal have not yet installed).Was investigated by a small motor.He was imprisoned in a capsule of pure aluminum, directly below the main engine compartment.There is a small outlet, which can only be described as helical mechanism ???????????????????????????can be controlled by an auxiliary motor.
9.Perhaps, engine management and navigation is performed by tactile manipulation.Probably, the observation was carried out by some television apparatus.To display information about the flight, apparently used by a character display.Were discovered and investigated a flat panel of unknown metal, presumably used as a device associated with the management of aircraft.The principle of action and purpose are unknown.

Lack of food reserve, recreation for the crew compartment and with the equipment suggests that this aircraft is the intelligence unit that has a small range.The only recognizable features were the five hand ??????with palm rest, designed for vertical and horizontal flight.The book with the pages ????...

Next smeared almost a whole page of the document in terms of approximately two typewritten sheets, printed double-spaced.Then the document continues:

It is believed that management was carried out on the tools, the reconstruction of available wreckage suggests that the aircraft ?????????biosensor and optical agents based on the following facts:
a) Lack of indicator lamps.
b) Lack of linear scales and moving pointers.
c) Lack of counters.
d) Lack of screens.
e) Lack of mechanical indicators signals.
12.Among the available artifacts was found anything like a government with which would be exercised control over the propeller: the interior of the cabin had no knobs, no buttons, no switches or levers, no wheels, no steering wheel, pedals no, no wheels .
13.No additional clothing and equipment confirms the assumption that you are in an aircraft made purely research flight.
14.At the moment unknown, was whether electromagnetic radiation from power plant caused the error committed by the pilot, or of his death before hitting the ground.If the primary cause of pilot error was the lack of protection, ?????????????? s found ...
17.... Members of the research team put forward a provisional working hypothesis as to what the interaction between the pilot and the aircraft may be carried out by means of electronic non-linguistic symbols perceived through the tactile manipulation of the fingers that transmit impulses to the brain and back.All this may suggest neinertsionnoe quality materials found as a result of the product of artificial intelligence.
18.The following items were reviewed and found in a small neutron power plant, located inside the NLAT-1:
a) UF6 in metallic form;
b) Gaseous hydrogen fluoride; 
c) water and uranium tetrafluoride;
d) powdered magnesium and sodium chlorate;
e) metal, like lead, but has a chocolate-brown;
f) U235 in metallic form;
g) plastic material similar to NE-102;
h) beryllium;
i) pure aluminum;
J) one of the isotopes of thorium;
a) plutonium powder.

19 scientists from Los Alamos and Sandia Base fear that the power plant could be used as a nuclear bomb, if these elements would be handled the same way as is done in the lens and the rifle detonators.
20.The only evidence for the presence of electrical circuits found in the engine, were thin plate-like plastic, mounted on the outer surface of the spherical shell and coated with a thin layer of pure silver.With strong, increasing at these plates are visible thin intersecting lines forming a grid, and a group of pixels, arranged in circles.


1.On the basis of all available material gathered at the crash site and sent to study in the Technical Department of the Air Force, Special control of development of new weapons, the State Scientific Research Management, National Steering Council for Aeronautics, the Office of Naval Research, Research Department of the Air Force and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology it can be concluded that the aircraft has an extraterrestrial origin.This conclusion was made as a result of a comparative analysis of artifacts, discoveries made in 1941 in Missouri (the last two words crossed out. Doctor of Physical-, ~).Technology beyond the sciences of the United States and even missile and aviation industry in Germany.
2.Interplanetary space travel is possible provided adequate funding and resources and represent the national interest.
5.Perhaps the incidence of human beings is not restricted to one planet.Perhaps our genes can be detected in other solar systems like ours.
6.Perhaps the laws of physics and genetics are based on a higher structural order than expected so far.

Now we can again summarize the two groups of facts, of which one speaks of an extraterrestrial origin of an unknown aircraft, while the second suggests that we are talking about something very earthly, and to consider the internal contradictions that are present in this document.
Let's start with the conclusion, which is detailed in the document after the transfer of technical data: "Based on all available material gathered at the crash site and sent for study to the Center of Military Intelligence (and so on) ...can be concluded that the aircraft has an extraterrestrial origin ".Pay attention to how the changed nature of the text for the same document.The fact that in Part I began as a discussion of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin, to Part III is fast becoming the undisputed assertion in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, after a passing reference to Part II of something "rare", which is exposed as proof of extraterrestrial origin found on site disaster tel.Thus, it is unusual, but nonetheless quite earthly list of technical achievements in Part III is interpreted in terms of the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin.
It must be admitted that some of the technical specifications contained in Part III, stumped the majority of engineers in 2004, not to mention the year 1947: "Totally, there are no fasteners, welds, rivets or mounting hardware, which bars the part fuselage together " .Another unusual feature of the technology, at least to 1947, serving in favor of the version of an extraterrestrial origin of the aircraft, a bio-mechanical interface between the pilot (crew) and aircraft allows the unit to respond instantly to signals from the brain, which explains the absence of the usual Management noted in the document: "To display information about the flight, apparently used a character display.Were discovered and investigated a flat panel of unknown metal ... " and so on.
Although at present these biometric technologies are well known and have already found practical application in the armed forces of the Western powers in 1947, it was all out of science fiction.This enabled Colonel Corso, for example, suggest that similar technologies, as to ascertain the principles of their work, gradually seeping into the American industry.Finally, the most accurate description of new technologies, superior capabilities of U.S. science and technology in 1947, is at the end of Part II, where it is a thin plastic plates coated with a complex pattern of lines, circles and intersecting patterns.All this is very similar to the way in 1947 to describe the integrated circuit.
However, the most notable is the conclusion made ​​on the basis of all these technical details:"Interplanetary space travel is possible ..."

This is the conclusion from an analysis of the above numerous technical features.However, this document itself "technical data" velocity of only 1,200 miles per hour - does not support this conclusion, as mentioned above.In other words, even when dealing with the same technology, have to deal with two very different approaches to the explanation of its origin.
However, it is equally important to note that absolutely all of the technical features can be explained in terms of achievement of Nazi research in the development of new weapons.Below all of this will be discussed in detail.As mentioned at the beginning of the document, material, material of the aircraft, is a white metal based on iron, which has the characteristics of stainless steel, subjected to "cold forming followed by heat treatment."The process of giving the desired shape of highly steel-called cold extrusion, was brought to Germany to technological perfection during the war.Moreover, the document also notes "the absence of wings, ailerons, stabilizers, and any external controls, suggesting that the fuselage is carrying a body" that is fully consistent with the work of German scientists to create a disk-shaped flying machines heavier than air, held during War.
The next indication of a possible link with the research of German scientists can be found in paragraph 2: "A small cross-section within six to one aircraft provides a significant advantage in overcoming the restrictive effect of the boundary layer ..." As shown above, to study the properties of the boundary layer was One of the key themes of German scientists before World War II began.
But now the internal contradictions of the document are simply outrageous.For example, striking a strange discrepancy between the seventh and eighth paragraphs.In the seventh paragraph states that "there are no externally recognizable electronic devices (eg electric, ignition system ... etc)" , but in the very next paragraph says that the study of the technical device "neutron engine" was found "the sequence of coils and powerful permanent magnets attached to the engine through neutron oddly placed electrodes (made of metal have not yet installed) " .Specifically, the coils and magnets are "externally identifiable electronic devices" , so that really attracted the attention of a "strangely placed electrodes" , from which it can be concluded that the unusual was not the technology per se, and the mutual arrangement and combination of individual elements .Well, the description of these strangely spherical electrodes located suspiciously like Hans Kohler and coil device Sheppellera.So that the document seems to indicate not so much on something extraterrestrial, but on something entirely terrestrial, although quite unusual, and very German.Perhaps even more remarkable is that the document mentioned structural feature, with which we have already encountered in turbines and rotary devices, Viktor Schauberger - "gelikoidny mechanism."
One would expect that such advanced "extraterrestrial" technology could offer something more interesting velocities in some miserable 1200 miles per hour and the engine of the "oddly arranged" coils and magnets.This is followed by another weak in terms of the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of place: "The lack of food reserve, recreation for the crew compartment and with the equipment suggests that this aircraft is the intelligence unit that has a small range of action" .Of course, this statement can be fit and in "an extraterrestrial version of" but still it is much more suited for the hypothesis of terrestrial origin.And finally, the strangest thing in the whole second part of the document is a reference about a "book with the pages' content is, apparently, was so important that its summary was completely blocked out.Not a single grain of leaked information.All this was extremely interesting, and can be seen here is another point of internal contradictions, for in light of the description of integrated circuits, as mentioned above, one would assume that a civilization which has reached such a level of technology would have to have a way of storing information in digital form.Sure, advanced extraterrestrial civilization that can make interplanetary missions, to store information used would not have a book and some more sophisticated means.However, throughout the document there is no mention of anything so that could be considered as a digital storage device.Among the wreckage of the aircraft was not found either magnetic tape cassette or CD, or anything else.Of course, I do not want to say that an extraterrestrial civilization can not use the book in our understanding of the word.In the end, we ourselves have both technologies and continue to actively use both.Yet it is undeniable: the book is something entirely earthly well-known and old.
However, perhaps the most interesting technical descriptions can be found in the section devoted to the description of "neutron engine."Here are eleven components:

1) UF6 (uranium hexafluoride that is) in the metallic form;
2) gaseous hydrogen fluoride;
3) water and uranium tetrafluoride;
4) powdered magnesium and sodium chlorate;
5) a "metal-like lead, but has a chocolate-brown";
6) U235 in metallic form;
7) plastic material similar to NE-102 (this is one of the types of plastics, produced by "Dupont");
8) beryllium;
9) pure aluminum;
S) "one of the isotopes of thorium";

11) plutonium powder.

In this list there are some very strange things.
First, we note that the nine components of a "neutron engine" of the eleven are the product of purely terrestrial, although 1947 is still very complex and sophisticated technologies.
Secondly, we note that the document clearly states that these components "were analyzed and detected in a small neutron power plant."Consequently, it can be assumed that they were subjected to chemical and perhaps other types of analysis such as spectroscopic method.You can even guess where it is analyzed: in the laboratory of a nearby nuclear center at Los Alamos, while one of the few in the country and definitely the only one in New Mexico, where it was possible to analyze such exotic radioactive materials.
In this context, it becomes obvious the moment a third country, because the document clearly states what kind of isotope of uranium in question - U235, which means that it is used spectrographic method of analysis as to distinguish different isotopes of the same element by chemical methods can not.We can also assume that the analysis showed a fairly high purity of the isotope, as professionals, conduct research, namely the issue of troubled uranium for a bomb, which means that the isotope was suitable for making weapons.With the same high degree of probability it can be assumed that the plutonium in question, was in the form of Pu240, the stable isotope of plutonium.
If we take into account all the above, once again raises the question: why the nebula in the description of "one of the isotopes of thorium?"Perhaps the fact that it was an unknown isotope?It is unlikely, since the accuracy of the analysis is evident in the case of uranium and plutonium is assumed in the case.In this case, perhaps, a specific isotope of thorium is not specified for some other reason?I do not think we know it in the foreseeable future.
This entails another strange moment.This list shows a strange mixture of very specific and very vague descriptions, which can not be ignored, given the importance of the issue.Of course, perhaps, the researchers have simply not had time to complete and thorough analysis, but also the presence of "one of the isotopes of thorium," definitely demanded clarification.In this regard, we note again that the tetrafluoride and uranium hexafluoride is described accurately in terms of chemical formulas, but again remains an open question about what exactly the isotope in question.But most of all this uncertainty is evident, probably, in the case with reference to certain "water", because only guess whether it was plain water, or heavy water-based deuterium or tritium.And this reticence are found in the same text, where only that it was all clearly laid out on shelves, because as recently as the eighth paragraph "heavy water" and "deuterium" listed as "primary fuel" the engine of the neutron.
In any case, all the nine components of the eleven are the products of known terrestrial technology, which, considering the issues dealt with in the first two parts of this book, owned by both Germany and America - indeed, at that time, only Germany and America.In other words, if these factors indicate a terrestrial origin of the aircraft, in this case, except the United States, he could only have been born in the Nazi secret weapons development program or one of its post-war offspring.Perhaps for this reason that in all cases where in this document are two sets of materials come into conflict with each other ambiguity is resolved in favor of the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of the aircraft.
Before proceeding to the study of other documents included with the Cooper-Kantuila need to make one more remark: the reference to water and uranium tetrafluoride allows a high degree of caution suggest that used a radioactive solution is probably to regulate the emission of neutrons in combination with the hydrodynamic properties of fluids.These effects on the degree of radioactivity, field effects and hydrodynamic properties, which even by today's standards is something exotic, were, as was shown above, one of the main principles of the "bell" Kammler.Thus, even when describing the most mysterious aspects of the aircraft instrument unmistakably in the direction of Nazi Germany.
While all of these moments, in my view, allow a high probability of tie aircraft crashed at Roswell, with a secret weapons program in Nazi Germany and thus prove the origin of the earth "NLAT-1", the document is completed two very meaningful and revolutionary for its time, the findings in favor of the "extraterrestrial hypothesis."First, it clearly states that "perhaps the incidence of human beings is not restricted to one planet.Perhaps our genes can be detected in other solar systems like ours " .The only possible reason for this stunning conclusion of the autopsy results seem to be found bodies, but perhaps it also means reviewing the contents "of the book with the pages" found in the aircraft.But more must be even more incredible comment: " Perhaps the laws of physics and genetics are based on a higher structural order than assumed until now " .
In 1947, the physicist was already a significant part of the way along the road leading to the great theoretical concepts of the sixties, seventies and eighties, having to learn the theory of many dimensions Kaluza - Klein and other theories that attempt to explain this "higher structural order."However, genetics and biology in general at that time had no such common and clear conclusions that go beyond the theory of evolution and, thus, were still very far from the great alliance of physics and biology in the high structural order, as enunciated in this statement.Watson and Crick had not yet announced his discovery, and Soviet physicists were to operate for many decades before, to come to its dramatic results in the physics of living systems and consciousness.So in "the book with the pages," seems to contain something that for a short period of time of the disaster in July 1947 to finalize the document has convinced the research team in the existence of the great alliance of physics and biology, which at that time no one even not expected.
So what conclusion can be drawn from one of this document?In my opinion, in general, both nabopa materials do not confirm nor extraterrestrial hypothesis no earthly explanation for the origin of the aircraft.However, when considered individually, the materials of biological nature certainly supports the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin, whereas the technical nature of the materials indicate a purely earthly, in fact - of German origin.If we now put these two facts in the broader context of other events of 1947 and remember well the fact that the consultations have been invited by German specialists working within the framework of "Operation Paperclip", as found wreckage "looked so familiar," then the document rather confirms the hypothesis of terrestrial origin.And, as mentioned above, this clearly points to America or Germany as the only two powers, which could appear similar technologies.
After a careful reading of the document it becomes clear that all the apparent contradictions are either deliberately created, or at least deliberately confusing the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin.Concealment has already begun.But can we apply the same method of analysis to the technical information contained in another impressive document, "Report on the Aerial Incident", prepared by Gen. Nathan Tuayningom?It turns out you can.
Report on the Aerial Incident, which occurred July 16, 1947, prepared by Gen. Nathan Tuayningom for his leadership
This document is of particular interest in describing the technical features, because it is a report prepared by General Nathan Tuayningom for Air Force Technical Office, located at the air base named after the Wright brothers in Dayton, Ohio.Officially entitled "Report on the Aerial Incident of an aircraft such as" flying disc "that occurred near the test site White Sands, New Mexico," this document is of particular importance because it contains a description of technical features, made by professionals working at the crash site .In other words, this document was prepared before September came the very preliminary report, which was just analyzed.Again, the content of the document is almost completely better result:

1.According to the directive from the President of the USA July 9, 1947 technical experts manage to hold a preliminary examination revealed fragments of "flying disk" and presumably the second disk of debris.The data presented in this report are technical staff of T-2 laboratory and flight engineer of the T-3.Additional information is available to research staff's Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology and a group of scientific advisers Command Air Forces, led by Dr. Theodore von Karman.Further analysis was conducted staff of the research department.
2.The general opinion of the investigative group, the aircraft detected by members of the army and air force near Mount Victoria Peak near the village of Socorro, New Mexico, not a product of American industry for the following reasons:
a) Round flat discoid structure does not correspond to any development of the Air Force and Navy.
b) This conclusion is confirmed by the absence, of external propulsion system, power plant, air intakes and exhaust nozzles are required for both screw and for the thrust.
c) The German specialists from Fort Bliss and a proving ground White Sands could not be identified in these disks secret German weapon, "Fowler."However, not exclude the possibility that such aircraft have managed to build a Russian.However, the absence of any labels, markings and instructions executed in Cyrillic, allows with a significant probability that the detected fragments are not the product of Russian industry.
d) In the study of internal structure of the aircraft was found the compartment that contains the device, may be the nuclear-powered.At least, this is the opinion of Dr. Oppenheimer and Dr. von Karman.It is not excluded that this part of the aircraft and propulsion system is, thus providing the possibility of the reactor as a heat exchanger and energy storage in the form of material for future use.Perhaps this is achieved by conversion of mass into energy, in contrast to the energy released when an atomic bomb.

Description of the compartment with the power plant as follows:
1) A closed tube in the shape of a donut with a diameter of approximately thirty-five feet, made, apparently, of a plastic, surrounds the central core.This tube is transparent, about one inch thick.Apparently, the inside of the pipe's central core, located in the middle, wrapped, apparently, a copper wire.This coil is held around the contour of the donut.Perhaps this device is used to control the reactor or a battery.There was no evidence of any moving parts nor in the engine compartment of any ...(There is no one line. -D.F. ~)
2) Presumably, the primary impulse of energy to run the reactor is the enclosure of the electric potential, although at present it still remains at the level of hypothesis.Exactly how this works in a medium heavy water reactor, so far unknown.
3) The engine compartment was detected spherical turret, which has a diameter of approximately ten feet.This tower includes a sequence of gears with a ratio of strange, unknown to any of our engineers.Below the outer surface of the turret there are four circular depressions, covered with some smooth material, which is not defined.These grooves are symmetrical, but apparently, they can move.But how exactly is unknown.The motion of the turret corresponds to moving the domed cover over the power plant.Apparently, the main propulsion system is a bezlopastnuyu turbine, similar to that currently being developed technical management of the Air Force under the "Mogul".One of the versions put forward in August Steinhof doctor, Dr. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Theodore von Karman: the motion of the aircraft in the air turbine somehow sucks atmospheric oxygen through the process of induction and start a fusion reaction.In this case the air inside the aircraft is ionized, and thus achieved a progressive motion of the vehicle.Add to this the fact that the lift force creates a circular wing, this aircraft is expected to have unlimited range and speed.Perhaps this explains the complete absence of noise, as shown witnesses, and the visible bluish flame that was often accompanied by rapid acceleration.
4) On the floor of the engine compartment there is something similar to a typewriter key.Presumably using them to control the reactor and power plant.There were no wires, and ordinary electronic devices in which these controls have been associated with motor turret.
d) Inside the domed chamber is flight deck.It is round and convex upward.The absence of the cab, observation windows and blisters suggests that the aircraft operated by or through any observational instrument, or remotely.

1) A semicircular matrix of cells (presumably TV).
2) Crew compartments were hermetically sealed by a process of solidification.
3) There were no signs of welds, rivets or soldered joints.
4) Apparently, some parts of the aircraft were cast, and then connected to one another pressing.

There are many similarities between a document, the earlier in time, and appeared in September, "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot ", but at the same time, there are striking differences.
Firstly, it should be noted that in this very first report, there are no attempts to explain the origin of extraterrestrial aircraft.This may be explained by the fact that since the accident until after relatively little time has passed, and yet this assumption is unconvincing.The document clearly states that "the German experts from Fort Bliss and a testing ground White Sands" could not "identify in these disks secret German weapons," the V "2.This means that the origin was from the beginning, but about any extraterrestrial hypothesis, we did not go.This confirms our conclusion made on the basis of analysis of the "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot ", for if from the very beginning it was assumed that an aircraft is extraterrestrial in origin, and the eyeballs filled with advanced technology, it is highly unlikely that the German experts on missile Technology in general would put a known what had happened.We continue to discuss further.German experts were unable to find a secret disk discovered the German guns.However, perhaps this was a deliberate deception, because, as noted by Corso, there is no doubt that the German scientists reported the general Tuayningu something that did not fall into both of his report.
Second, in contrast to the more recent "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "in this document is virtually no signs that the experts who conducted the study of the fragments were in absolute bewilderment.This may be explained by the fact that the wreckage had not been subjected to more detailed analysis.However, the document contains many details that refute this assumption, for example, while von Braun and von Karman and could not identify the aircraft, they investigated it well enough to expect to radically new method of movement by creating a difference of potentials of What can be concluded that although they could not give an exact answer, some hypotheses they had.
Thirdly, it is striking only earthly nature described technologies: a simple plastic tube having a diameter of about one inch, full of substance, apparently, is water, which is in the middle of the rod, coiled coils, "apparently ...copper wire. "Moreover, this analysis allowed the researchers to suggest that this "donut" is not nothing but a "heavy water reactor", and German scientists have thought in terms not of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.This is probably the most important point, because from the description of the equipment in the context of the fusion that was implemented in the device process, later known as the "cold fusion".
Fourth, it should be noted that the description of the aircraft coincides with that given in "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "in the sense that it was not found" no evidence of welds, rivets or soldered joints.
However, the stronger against the background of these general points is allocated the fifth paragraph that embodies a serious problem.As analyzed above, "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "was especially emphasized the observed absence of the usual controls: buttons, levers, switches and so on.It has been hypothesized to control biosensor, and these two facts confirm the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of the aircraft.Moreover, we should remember that in "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "highlighted the lack of cover for the crew, from which it was concluded that this aircraft is a kind of intelligence unit.But here in the first report Tuayning argues that "the crew compartments were hermetically sealed" and control apparatus is "on account of any monitoring devices" and then immediately followed by mention of "semi-circular matrix of cells (presumably TV ). "Thus, or in two statements describe two different aircraft, or the time of writing the second of them he had deliberately made major changes and in particular removed the reference to "a matrix of cells," but emphasized the lack of such common devices as a radio tube.
And finally, the sixth paragraph.In "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "emphasizes the lack of aircraft controls.However, in "Report on the Aerial Incident" is mentioned quite normal, quite earthly "something akin to the keys of a typewriter", whereby supposedly "manage the reactor and power plant."But these very earthly "typewriter keys" are not the only device that does not fit with sverhsovershennymi extraterrestrial technology.Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of power plant descriptions in "Report on the Aerial Incident" is the fact that the "ball-shaped turret," there was "an unusual sequence of gear reduction ratio is not known to any of our engineers."
I wonder if this comes feature-rich extraterrestrial reactor "bagel" cold fusion heavy water from the keyboard of a typewriter only with manual gearbox, or a model with an automatic?However, for the attentive reader a description of the aircraft from the "Report on the Aerial Incident" in contrast to that given in "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "seems very similar to the various secret techniques that have tried to bring to perfection by the Nazis.And the clincher is "bezlopastnaya turbine", which apparently developed technical management of the Air Force under the "Mogul".A flying saucer "Repulsina" that the Nazis created to Viktor Schauberger, also used the same bezlopastnuyu turbine.
So if we consider the "Report on the Aerial Incident" in isolation, it would not be nearly anything from the extraterrestrial hypothesis, but much that is unpleasant to recall the secret projects Staff Kammler.And again it seems that attracted the attention of researchers in the first place is not common, although very advanced technology.Rather, they were unusual and unexpected combination of very sophisticated: the reactor, "bagel" cold fusion heavy water and ball-shaped turret with manual transmission.
If we consider the two documents together, it becomes clear how thanks to the efforts of scientists from the secretive group, the inverse image of the group "Majestic 12", slowly taking shape this legend.
Initially invited by German scientists working within the framework of "Operation Paperclip", most likely because some characteristics of an aircraft probably just the above-mentioned unusual combination of different technologies, have guided higher U.S. military authorities at the thought of his only earthly, but is of German origin.Further, while these technologies and their unusual combination, which follows from the two instruments are not sufficiently advanced to insist on the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin, they are sufficiently advanced to pose a significant threat to public safety.It must be someone somewhere had the idea and we can only assume that such a man could be a general Tuayning that somewhere outside of America secretly continuing the very same studies that were initiated Kammler Staff.This, in turn, led to the creation of a new agency dealing with the problems of scientific research and exploration, reporting directly to the president.In short, if the surviving Nazis were able to continue working on their black projects and if an aircraft accident (vehicles) by Roswell provided ample evidence of this, one can only wonder how powerful was raised by all these tsunami sweeping through the corridors of the Pentagon.It was decided to hide this sensational find a multi-layered disinformation to hide it, as suggested by Nick Cook, a myth of an extraterrestrial origin.
But there is another hypothesis, the birth of "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot ", which is that the truth must be sought in a combination of both hypotheses and that the first accident occurred in Europe, and has become the basis of extensive and deep secret works the Nazis, who sought to reproduce the observed technology.As will be shown later in this chapter, a striking confirmation of this assumption can be found in a completely unexpected place, by whom, as a rule, historians are analyzing the course of World War II and the rapid development of military technology.For this version we'll be back after the third will analyze the document on the technical features of the aircraft that crashed at Roswell, we are talking about the "First Annual Report of the group" Majestic 12 ", appeared in autumn 1952.
3.The first annual report on the work group "Majestic 12"
This document should be read in conjunction with the other two, which were analyzed above, since it represents a thoughtful and balanced account of the events from the time that had passed five years, drawn up at the top level of a government agency, created in the wake of the disaster rozuellskoy.Therefore, special importance is the description of the technical features of crashed aircraft, because by comparing it with the materials of the previous documents, we can determine what progress has been made over the years in question analysis detected technologies.Moreover, it is possible to investigate the presence or absence of progress in an attempt to explain the extraterrestrial crash, which was first made cautious reference to "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot. "
"The first annual report" from the first page completely rejects an earthly explanation for what happened: "Every effort was made ​​to determine the state or private corporation that has the necessary technical and financial resources for such an aircraft with longer range.Currently, no country in the world does not have the capabilities necessary for this " .There is a chronological sequence variation of the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin: in the "Report on the Aerial Incident" on it does not say a word, in "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "this hypothesis is put forward first, carefully, then more confidently, and, finally, the latter document, it remains the only one considered members of the investigative team.
The main issue in the study of this document will then have enough evidence found at the crash site, for incontrovertible proof of this hypothesis, or do we again have to deal with internal contradictions between the two sets of materials with which we have already encountered in the analysis of the "Performance Report research project "White Hot", which presented the data, implying an earthly explanation for what happened, with all the consequences of this extraordinary and sensational effects?
Considering the first part of the materials confirming the extraterrestrial hypothesis, which is given to the undoubted preference, "First Annual Report," like the previous "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "unequivocally states that the body discovered is irrefutable proof of this hypothesis: "Now when these aircraft beings in many ways similar to humans.Produced by opening the show, that these creatures possess the same biological needs as humans " .It should be noted that, since these materials are presented in a report in the first place, they immediately discovered dwarf the value of technology.
However, in the next section, without any preliminaries, and without unnecessary fanfare outlines two very disturbing facts.We are told that "the group" Majestic "is currently focused on the psychological operations against the enemy within the counterintelligence activities of cold war."and further in the following sentence appears deafening confession: "Involving scientists in" Operation Paperclip "yielded valuable results in the development of new weapons, in particular in the field of flight dynamics, biological and chemical warfare agents, mind control and methods of gathering intelligence information ".
Think of this recognition: the group "Majestic 12", supposedly top-secret agency to gather research and intelligence, is already working, like life predictions SS, the psychological impact on the operations of the enemy, bringing to it the Nazi scientists and specialists in the development of new weapons, such as mind control and methods of intelligence gathering.What this may be related to an attempt to reproduction technologies alien flying saucers (no matter what, earthly or extraterrestrial), unless the next step in the psychological war is not regarded as an important component of counter-intelligence operations?And the "extraterrestrial hypothesis" put forward as an integral part of this war?Such tactics are beginning to be traced as far back as "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot ", but" Aerial Incident Report "on it was not a hint."
What follows is a lengthy section in which are described in detail the various areas where the long-term use of generic technologies may, from such provocative topics as the creation of retroviruses and other biological weapons
And now it is clear another interesting point.In "Report on the Aerial Incident," there is no mentionof aliens found bodies or anyone else. Specifically, this omission is extremely strange, if in place at least one of these disasters have been found of the body.Or simply due to the fact that they were not those of the body?

There is no doubt that by the time of the "First Annual Report" has done much research work.But also striking resemblance to the tasks to be engaged in "think tank" Kammler, of course, due to their participation in the work of many German experts for the five short years, a modest operation reproduction of new technologies in the swollen megabyurokraticheskuyu organization, in whose hands were all concentrated development of secret weapons in the United States.If you do not take into account the death camps, of course, the group "Majestic 12" turns out to be almost exact copy of Staff Kammler.Is it the participation of the Nazis, working in the inmost depths of the black projects, experiments are explained by the U.S. military over blacks and other minorities of the United States, whom the Nazis considered racially inferior?This question human morality deserves a separate discussion.
In any case, the document shows that the main efforts were focused on reproducing the movement of aircraft technology:

Managing technological development and the Air Force Agency for Atomic Energy is currently working on more sophisticated nuclear fundamentally new type of engine.The study, conducted in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Langley, Va., is a reproduction of a plastic core elements found in the engine of the aircraft, which is currently stored at the airbase Hill.Combining technology-based fuel and hydrogen electrohydrodynamics may open the way for us to create a flying sverhapparatov capable of speeds up to 5 M and above.
The paper further obmechaetsya that the task of "Aliens" was hardly a conquest of the Earth, because they could easily implement it if they wanted to.
Shrouded in all the work and participating in their offices in secrecy, more dense than that which surrounded the creation of the hydrogen bomb, "First annual report" further argues the need to categorically deny the fact rozuellskoy disaster and all other such events, threatening otherwise to complete undermine the credibility of science and religion.So far, everything speaks in favor of the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin.
But followed the mention of eight applications from which only one, Annex A. It contains information about an aircraft and those who were on board.
1. Re-examination survey data places the A-1 and A-2 allowed the Commission to conclude that the studied objects are the result of emissions at high altitude rescue capsule, which occurred after mid-air collision of two round flat unidentified aircraft with the ability to make interplanetary flights.
2.Of particular interest to the Commission constituted a place of L-2, located at coordinates 33 ° 40 '31 "with. Sh. And 106 ° 28' 29" W.etc., because there was assembled the greatest amount of material for analysis.
3.Perhaps the place of L-2 is closely related to the place of A-1, and the distribution of the fragments suggests that the aircraft crashed into the ground at an acute angle in the place of A-1, but continued its flight and finally fell into place just the A-2.
4. The aircraft, discovered at the site of the L-2, or fragments of a cruise missile airframe or engine.The study found the wreckage of power plant led to the hypothesis that we are talking about magnetic propulsion, driven by the energy of nuclear fusion reactor.
5. No wiring, fuel system, cables, motors, hydraulic systems, air intakes, the output nozzle and the aerodynamic rudder control makes it a great confidence that the aircraft was designed to fly outside the atmosphere.
6.From the second apparatus, which fell to the ground at the site of L-3, almost nothing has survived since the fall occurred almost vertically and with great speed.One can only assume that the unit had a similar design.It is believed that the wreckage found July 2, 1947 the cattlemen are owned unidentified aircraft which collided in the air with an experimental aircraft from an airbase Hill, with other unidentified aircraft, or perhaps to both at once.The study of radar records and negotiation mission control center is not possible to explain the merger of the three goals that are visible on the radar screen just before the collision.
7.There were found five bodies, two of which were heavily damaged in an escape pod, and the remaining three were found some distance from it.Apparently, all five have suffered from sudden decompression and choking at high temperatures (the autopsy results are detailed in a report on the implementation of a separate investigation, "gray suit" projects 612 and 621, Volume 4 of documents "Majestic", p. 40-102) as a result of injuries received for unknown reason.
8.The Commission is concerned about the contamination of several members of the investigative team, which entered into contact with the debris of the power plant.One technician has lost consciousness and fell, trying to get out of the capsule body.Another medical officer for several hours was in a coma after a body placed in a rubber bag to carry the corpses.All four infected staff urgently flown to Los Alamos for testing.Subsequently, all four died from epileptic seizures and profuse bleeding.All four of them, coming into contact with bodily fluids from the discovery of the bodies were dressed in special protective suits.
9. Results of the autopsies of four dead members of the investigative team did not allow definitive conclusions.It is believed that all four are likely to have been a victim of a toxin or a contagious disease.Tissue samples of the victims are currently stored at Fort Dietrich, Maryland.
10.The Commission is also concerned about the results of observational overflights of the L-2.Measuring the radiation levels showed that when the plane directly over the point there is a high level of radiation of neutrons.As soon as the plane forth to a sufficient distance, the figures fell.The relevant data is transferred to the Department of Atomic Energy.
11.July 4, 1947 research probe, launched under the "Mogul", recorded an explosion at high altitude.Radar Test Site White Sands and the airbase Hill also noted a surge signal.
12.On the base of Hill at the point A-2 was dropped by parachute search and rescue squad.Upon arrival, the squad appreciated the nature of the disaster and asked for guidance on the radio.The crash site was cordoned off and preserved intact until the arrival of investigators.
13 According to a senior aerospace medical specialist committee, currently available medications and equipment will not be able to cope with the massive spread of alien viruses.
14.It is recognized that the laboratory at Los Alamos and the Mayo Clinic did not have sufficient capacity.
15.September 26, 1947 the first meeting of the National Security Committee, which discussed the incident in New Mexico and how the tasks identified by the group "Majestic 12".

In fact, any new technical details in this application are not available, but an oppressive feeling of reticence that hung in the air after the "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "and finally allowed to information that unidentified aircraft have been at least two possibly more, and one of them was a "glider" with the engine.
Again, notice that the most convincing proof: extraterrestrial hypothesis presented in this paper is the discovery of bodies and their harmful effects on humans.And this scenario is not farfetched, since similar results were accompanied by the first contacts of Europeans and American Indians, with different immune systems.
Finally, we note the strange transformation project "Mogul" from work to create bezlopastnyh turbine startup program of research balloons to monitor Soviet nuclear tests!
So what conclusion can be drawn after analysis of all three documents?As already noted, there is a very strange transition from the first "Report on the Aerial Incident," in which an extraterrestrial explanation is not even mentioned in "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot ", which begins with an open discussion of both hypotheses, but ends with a clear bias toward the extraterrestrial hypothesis, the "First Annual Report", which really only considered the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin.
This allows you to recreate the scenario of what happened.

Let us first consider rozuellskuyu catastrophe in the light of an extraterrestrial hypothesis.This hypothesis has gained in the UFO community, a status that at the present time, no matter how out of the ordinary it may be, is something taken for granted.Local herder discovers in the debris field, made of some strange material.The investigation team found the body that are subjected to autopsy.These bodies are small, humanoid, in contact with them is fatal to the health workers who had to deal with them first.The observed power plant is a perfect and an advanced device.Spreads rumors: the military discovered a crashed flying saucer, and in the meantime, General Tuayning is "Report on the Aerial Incident", in which about extraterrestrial hypothesis does not say a word.Journalists talk to witnesses and the public comes to the conclusion that we were visited by aliens.And this is quite plausible version explains some of the facts referred to in the reports of the incident.
However, this explanation raises many problems in terms of technical features of the detected aircraft.If at least suspect that these devices are of extraterrestrial origin, why invite the German experts, participating in "Operation Paperclip", and keep them in the investigation team much later after the official, although strictly classified explanation of what happened is extraterrestrial hypothesis?Much more likely that the German experts have checked because some of the highest American leadership has already seen such technology before.And indeed, if New Mexico is indeed broken the Nazi flying saucer or some of its more recent modification, if the "book with the pages" mentioned in "Report on the implementation of the research project" White Hot "is" alien "in the sense that it is quite earthy, but foreign, in this case the confusion of war, paradoxically, becomes more understandable.By the summer of 1947 since the war ended two years had passed.However, this crashed aircraft, which has all the signs of secret research projects Kammler.Where did he come from?And in terms of military objective to conceal information about this becomes even more necessary than if we were talking about aliens from other worlds.In this case, the fact found quite unusual technologies have brought the idea to hide the incident by a multilayer misinformation thrown up in their own reports, which had to disclose when the dam fibs about weather balloons and monkey bodies no longer could hold back the flood of extraterrestrial.No written evidence of such a decision can not be, she was born during the oral discussion, and then spilled over into top-secret reports, mingling with the information contained in them with reliable information.
In this regard, probably very much the fact that some researchers of the U.S. space program and its forty-year history of silence, contradictions, lies and deception has long been suggested that the alleged fact, the United States government spends two space programs, one public, under the auspices NASA and the other, practically independent, its roots deep in the secret black projects.In 1970 he had been circulated a strange document titled "Nomenclature of the conspirators, murderers," also known as "document Torbitta," which speculated about the connection between this secret space program with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.Popular radio broadcaster Mae Brassell, ardent supporter of the conspiracy version, immediately supported this assumption: the secret space program was carried out almost independently within an open program of NASA, and both of these programs coordinated by Wernher von Braun.
In this regard, perhaps informative is the last document that came with the Carter-Kantuila: top secret memorandum to President Kennedy directed the director of counterintelligence Central Intelligence Agency, November 12, 1963 - just ten days before the murder:

TEMA.Review of all documents relating to UFO-related national security issues for possible declassification.
As I have discussed with you before, I started ????????and instructed James Webb to develop a joint program with the Soviet Union space exploration and missions to the moon.It would be very helpful if you are re-analyzed data from documents, separating the true information from the one that came from classified sources, the CIA and the Intelligence Force.It is important that we clearly separated the known from the unknown to the case, if the Soviets mistakenly accept our offer of cooperation in an attempt to penetrate secretive in their defense and space programs.
When all information is sorted, I would like you to share it with NASA, with emphasis on the factor of uncertainty.This will help NASA to set priorities in ensuring the country's defense.I would like to see a preliminary report on the review of documents was prepared not later than February 1, 1964.
/ Signed / John F. Kennedy 1.

Program jointly with the Council of space exploration and missions to the moon, of course, would be faced with Kennedy Lyndon Johnson and others, those who viewed the space program as the next significant step in an arms race that would ensure the rule on earth.Such declassification of documents necessarily would have caused a sharp conflict with a group of Kennedy's "Majestic-12" in general and in particular by German experts, who considered the exploration of outer space exclusively for military purposes.

H. Russian, terrorists, aliens and asteroids: evidence Rosin

But probably the most convincing and chilling circumstantial evidence of the existence of secret space program has left himself Wernher von Braun.This is related by Dr. Carol Rosin, a close ally of former Nazi, who became director of NASA, the first woman to head the corporation, "Fairchild Industries," in spring 2001 in an interview with Dr. Steven Greer, who worked at the time of his "revelations".She recalled that von Braun has said repeatedly it as follows:
"The biggest concern I caused a phrase, that Dr. von Braun over and over again throughout the four-plus years that I worked with him.He said that in order to influence public opinion and the structure of government must adopt a strategy of intimidation ...That's how we refer to the enemy.
Werner von Braun taught me that according to this strategy, our first enemy to be Russian ...
Then, our enemies were to be terrorists, and it had to happen in the near future ...After that the enemy had declared "insane" from third world countries.Now we call them "states of concern".But Dr. von Braun said that they become the third enemy, to fight which we will deploy weapons in space.(
 It is understood that such weapons would have enormous destructive power, of which only one step before being able to destroy an entire planet, for just such a capacity it should have to deal with an asteroid large enough to destroy the Earth, or even all life on it. )
The next enemy will be asteroids.First talked about this, Dr. von Braun did not laugh.Asteroids - to deal with an asteroid we have to create a new space weapon.
But the funny thing was that Dr. Brown has called the "alien" aliens.They were supposed to be the last one bogey.Again and again throughout the four years during which I was familiar with him and preparing him for the speech, he always took out this last card."And remember Carol, the last card will be newcomers.We will have to place weapons in space to deal with them, but it's a lie . "

Russian, terrorists.Mad dictators of third world countries.Asteroids.Aliens.
It is noteworthy that President George W. Bush shortly after his inauguration, was appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs Head of Space Forces: the first time that the highest military post occupied by representatives of the cosmic forces.It is also noteworthy that immediately after this a high priority in national security has again missile defense program - the famous Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) of President Ronald Reagan.And, perhaps most notable was the fact that the tragic events of September 11, 2001 marked the transition from Russian official as the chief enemy of the state as terrorists, followed by the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq has moved to the dictators' countries of concern. "




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